IMPRESOL was formed in 1996, and focused  mainly on software. During 2001 IMPRESOL has branched out into training and consulting services.

IMPRESOL specialises in three disciplines of work:

1. Training:(Both in-house and individual training), Trainability Testing                           
2. Software: STATGRAPHICS, Action Driven Balanced Scorecard, AGILITY Business Suite                     
3.Products: These include books, posters and videos                   
4.Quality Management Systems Implementations

Our Organisation                                                                          

• IMPRESOL has a network of 20 facilitators
• The facilitators are situated in all the provinces in South Africa
• Each facilitator is a specialist in their field
• IMPRESOL is owned and managed by women
• All our facilitator’s training is accredited by the various SETA’s

Impresol Pledges to Always

• Meet the needs of our customers
• Conduct business in an ethic, lawful and responsible manner
• Meet every commitment we make
• Communicate well
• Do it right first time – every time
• Treat every customer with courtesy and respect
• Ensure that our services will be on-time, efficient, effective and dependable
• Adapt our services to meet our customers varying needs.
• Follow up, measure our effects and encourage feedback
• Slogans, buzz words and a list of guidelines do not make superior customer service happen – our professionalism, dedication and commitment do!      

Our Affirmative Action Track Record

  • IMPRESOL is committed to redressing historical imbalances.

  • IMPRESOL is owned and managed by women.

  • 60% of the facilitators on IMPRESOL’S network are from previously disadvantaged groups.

  • IMPRESOL together with SAIBLE have trained 5 BEE facilitators to implement ISO in companies. We are in the process of expanding the training to the various other provinces.

 A brief summary of our achievements

• We have a significant portfolio of BEE clients within the business and professional organisations.
• We have assisted numerous previously disadvantaged facilitators to achieve the level of training that is required by our clients.


IMPRESOL aims to be a company of the 21st century in providing the best services for our customers.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high quality resources and services in order to assist our clients in becoming market leaders; this we do by providing world class training, software and products that will enable our customers to achieve global competitiveness.

Our values

  • Professionalism
  • Service Delivery
  • Excellence